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Vision Of Tomorrow by Pat Bushell

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Marion

Imagine that we are all unbroken people, living in an unbroken world of sunshine, rain and rainbows. Our bodies, minds and feelings work as they were designed to work, in harmony as parts of a whole. To work is to function, rather than to labour, as unique creative inter-related parts of our society and of the world. We are thoughtful, self-motivated individuals, taking pleasure and satisfaction from being both individuals and useful parts of the greater whole, the living Earth.

This enjoyment of life is contagious. We pick up and transmit feelings like radio waves that ripple out in all directions, forming an ever-changing pattern, a kaleidoscope of shared experience. Every so often a cluster of good feelings is generated, which seems to draw itself up together and then burst, healing and energising as it radiates through the whole community.

When, much more rarely than today, something does go wrong, for an individual or for a society, we feel that as well. We instinctively do all that we can to help, because it’s our pain too. We’re not afraid of experiencing the whole spectrum of feelings because in this way we savour our connection with all of life, and know its unity. Like fragments of a shattered diamond each one of us reflects the whole rainbow.

This doesn’t make us any less rational than we are today. Far from it! Since our feelings function in a positive way and we’re well aware of them, they don’t have the same negative power to disrupt or subvert our thinking. This gives us greater clarity of thought, an objectivity uncomplicated by vested interests or emotional deficiencies. Like two eyes the two halves of our brain have learnt to work together to give another dimension to our understanding.

Being in tune with our bodies means that we listen to all their messages and warnings. Our appetites tell us what we need, what to avoid and when we’ve had enough. Greed has disappeared as we satisfy our real needs directly. Greed, you understand, is simply the over-consumption of a substitute that occurs when people’s real need are unrecognised or unacknowledged.

Humour is rampant. We laugh easily and heartily, at ourselves and each other, as we are tickled by the absurdities and paradoxes of Life. But still it retains its magical mysterious quality, surprising us when we least expect it. Humour and seriousness are not longer incompatible.

Life is a voyage of self-discovery, and as a result individual self-knowledge replaces the need for a pseudo-identity based on either our ancestors or our status and the symbols of status. We are no longer segregated observers, peering out at the world from the intellect. We know and feel ourselves to be integral harmonious parts of nature, as well as unique individuals.

Our spirituality is an experience-based knowing, the meaning behind everything we think and do, and our appreciation and enjoyment of living. Spiritual practice means practising the art of living and getting better at it all the time. Our lives are abundantly rich, deeply satisfying and infinitely interesting.

Pat Bushell, July 1990

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In the future…………… by Jenny Smith

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Marion

In the future children don’t learn, they teach.
In the future people are simply joyful and genuinely grateful to be alive.
In the future people are puzzled over the concept of blame that apparently used to exist on earth.
In the future human beings are also known as creators and co-creators.
In the future every house has a plethora of home grown vegetables or fruits left out for passers-by to help themselves to.
In the future, when people walk past each other in the street, sometimes they make eye contact and smile, other times they raise their hands and exchange warm loving energy from their beings.
In the future peace reigns – everywhere because everyone knows that peace has no boundaries.
In the future people sit around fires and look up to the stars and see their ancestors.

©Jenny Smith

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