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2013 dreams of a better world

As we approach the 50th anniversary (on 28th August) of Martin Luther King's powerful and moving speech, what better way to celebrate it than to add our voices and our dreams of a better world, one that we would be proud and happy for our descendants to live in.

We don't, any more than Martin Luther King did, have to provide a detailed analysis. We just have to find one aspect of it, one picture, and describe it simply and from the heart.

Together our dreams of a better world will make a beautiful and inspiring mosaic, a worthy tribute to a great speech. The idea might even spread all over the world. That's one of my dreams. Another is of collecting 2013 people's dreams...

However this is only going to happen if we 'dare to dream' and to put our dreams into words. Don't worry about whether what you write is original or 'good' enough; just writing and sharing it is what counts. You can sign it with your full name, initials, or a 'pen name'. So far some people have written a single sentence, others a few lines or a paragraph. However if you feel inspired to write a whole speech then go for it.

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No roads

Posted on January 18th, 2018 by Andy Hamilton

I dream of a world where cars and lorries are quiet and clean. In cities we can smell again, hear again, talk to each other again.

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to dream a dream

Posted on December 7th, 2016 by andrew wakefield

I believe that what ever a person needs will happen so what we really need is for every one to start to need the world to become a more loving caring honest and truthful place and it will truly manifest.Believe it will be and it will.
The thing s that are already happening around the world today are a testament to belief that we can become a self sustaining non profitering non greed based global community were your success is based on ability s rather than how many people you can legally defraud out of money.
thanks for taking the time to read this and wish the best for all of us to achieve whatever goals we aspire to.
Andrew Wakefield who is awakening .

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Stillness in the hustle and bustle

Posted on December 7th, 2016 by Emily Clifford

I dream of a future where the hustle and bustle of life will be one of smiles, people stopping to chat, neighbours taking the time to come over for cups of tea and to share the gardening tips or even remark upon the weather. I dream of hustle and bustle filled with great thinkers hatching innovative, wild and BIG dreams, where adventurous types still discover beauty, where conversations become actions and where, in the quiet moments, we feel truly still. Where we can appreciate that though the hustle and bustle may have ceased for now, true stillness has its value in our busy modern world.

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Let us dream

Posted on December 7th, 2016 by Kenza

Let us dream of a world where the peoples know what is essential to the them and their planet: water, air, soil and the genuine kindness of the heart.

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Imagine the Future

Posted on December 7th, 2016 by Sue

Imagine a world of tomorrows with abundance of Peace
Look beyond where all Fear will cease
Think with your hearts and let’s dare to Dream
And collect the ingredients, Can you picture the scene?
Let’s be optimistic, inspiring with flare
Imagine Harmonious, Compassionate Care
As together we Join let Love be your Theme
And envisage a tomorrow where All dare to Dream
Lets Dream of Unity, a world free of war
A place where no one suffers any more
Imagine the ingredients if we had to bake
What sort of a world would you wish to make
Have you got the ingredients as love you spread out?
Did you let go of prejudice and stop all your shout
Did you let go of Anger and Bitterness bite
Are you speaking your truth and sharing your Light?
What sort of Future do you wish to live?
Are you willing to share are your willing to give?
If we don’t dare Dream, then what will we then reap?
We create our tomorrows
Let Love
Our Speak

By Sue Morton 2013

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Posted on December 7th, 2016 by Joan

I dream of a world where people can move more easily than money – and nobody needs to move unless they want to.

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Posted on December 7th, 2016 by liane callaghan

I have a dream, and it is real, that we re-connect and we are the light-keepers of our world and we care and we are the change, and we are LOVE….
Love trees bees & peace,

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the dream

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 by 3ple-K

i dream of a society where people can seriously stand up and relentlessly chase or struggle to become whatever they want to be regardless of such factors as “high rate of competition” do what u wanna do and be proud of urself (3ple – K)

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I have a dream

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by Chris Johnstone

of living in a biological community, respecting, giving to and receiving from many other species in a spirit of mutual aid and living interconnectedness. We have woken up as a species, knowing that we are part of a larger living web, that we can contribute added richness and celebrate our gratitude for all that supports our flourishing. Like breathing in and breathing out, we recognise and are fluent in the balance of giving and receiving, leaning towards a net gain for the world, which we know enriches us too.

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A Selection of the Dreams collected so far, from people at festivals this summer, or posted on the Facebook page ‘I have a dream 2’

Posted on August 19th, 2013 by Marion

I have a dream of a future where we can cast aside the fictitious values of profits and commerce and use our accrued knowledge and intelligence not only to create anew, but also to develop existing techniques to supply our fuel and energy needs, whilst nurturing and protecting the environment necessary to our personal, spiritual and evolutionary development.

Alex O’Dowd (O*D)

I have a dream that the world opens its eyes, we learn from our mistakes and realise that we are one.

We’ve killed each other, enslaved each other and stolen each other’s land. I hold my breath and wait for the day that we love each other. We are different but in essence we are the same. Let’s celebrate our differences, celebrate each other, celebrate life. Live as one.

Ezekiel ‘Zico’ Ojo

I have a dream that love and happiness can prevail, that all can be equal despite all of our glorious differences, that we embrace and love these differences, and embody spirituality, love and joy.

I have a dream that the people of the world stand together side by side with all our variations, strengths and weaknesses, to create a better place to live, without fear, poverty and famine, collectively living the dream, my dream, our dream, our world .


I have a dream that in the future every child has at least one person in their life who can help them realise their potential and empower them to succeed and follow their dreams.

Stella Vincent

I have a dream of a future in which automation allows society to breathe, grow, and develop comfortably, without stifling individual creativity, expression and freedom of thought.

Galen Reich

I have a dream that one day people might stop being what they think they should be and find joy love and freedom in being who they really are.

Charlie Partridge

I have a dream for all children to live out of poverty, have access to free education and be loved and nurtured and cared for to enable them to become the people of tomorrow.

Mark Lloyd

I have a dream of a world when no girl feels ugly or less than or insecure, a world where religion would liberate women and celebrate their freedom and sexuality rather than shame them and hide them. I dream of a world that celebrates and liberates the wild woman in each girl.

Louise Lisse

I have a dream that fair and equal distribution of the earth’s resources will enable us all to have the generosity and wisdom to live sustainably.


I have a dream of the collapse of global capitalism leaving a space that is filled by collectively organising life according to our needs and desires. We banish racism and inequality and feel alive as people, not as consumers.

I have a dream that people will choose to live a slower and more engaged life, both as individuals and as communities

I have a dream… of world peace and everyone lives in happiness with lots of unicorns and rainbows! And glitter.

I have a dream of a world where all human beings respect one another and the natural environment, and seek happiness in experiences, relationships and sharing.

I have a dream that armies will rescue and relieve, will build and protect with tools, not ever with weapons.

Mavis Foster

We have a dream that one day all the world will listen to each other’s stories.

John and Jenny

I have a dream that we learn to laugh at ourselves and stop taking life so seriously; that we say hi to both neighbours and strangers.


I have a dream that in both easy times and hard times humans turn to each other and not against each other.


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