Contribute to Dream The Future - 'Your Visions' Section

You can contribute to this section of the website in different ways:

  • Your Visions - The 'Your Visions' section is the core of the site. I hope you'll browse through it as it expands, feeling inspired, moved, amused, stimulated - perhaps even irritated! As with a menu or a cookbook you won't like everything, but it might give you ideas about what 'ingredients' are available and what might be done with them.

    To Contribute to the 'Your Visions' section, please Follow this link!

  • I have a dream 2 - As we approach the 50th anniversary (on 28th August) of Martin Luther King's powerful and moving speech, what better way to celebrate it than to add our voices and our dreams of a better world, one that we would be proud and happy for our descendants to live in. To add a dream of yours, please Follow this link!.

    You can also post your "I have a dream..." visions on the Facebook page -