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“I have a dream 2” — 2013 dreams of a better world

Posted on August 20th, 2013 by Marion

As we approach the 50th anniversary (on 28th August) of Martin Luther King’s powerful and moving speech, what better way to celebrate it than to add our voices and our dreams of a better world, one that we would be proud and happy for our descendants to live in.

We don’t, any more than Martin Luther King did, have to provide a detailed analysis. We just have to find one aspect of it, one picture, and describe it simply and from the heart.

Together our dreams of a better world will make a beautiful and inspiring mosaic, a worthy tribute to a great speech. The idea might even spread all over the world. That’s one of my dreams. Another is of collecting 2013 people’s dreams….

However this is only going to happen if we ‘dare to dream’ and to put our dreams into words. Don’t worry about whether what you write is original or ‘good’ enough; just writing and sharing it is what counts. You can sign it with your full name, initials, or a ‘pen name’. So far some people have written a single sentence, others a few lines or a paragraph. However if you feel inspired to write a whole speech then go for it.

Please send whatever you write to

the Facebook page: I have a dream 2

or the website:

or c/o Tim Harland,The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR

Then please use all your networks to spread this idea!

Do contact me via the website or Facebook page if you have any helpful ideas or suggestions.

Marion McCartney

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The Futurescope Project

Posted on June 16th, 2012 by Marion

I really didn’t intend to be working on two major projects at the same time, but the Futurescope one emerged so quickly and seemed to be timed ideally so I can share any results at two conferences in September. So if you have (or know of) a project in its early stages, or even if it’s still an idea, do contact me to see if we can meet for a short video interview. Or perhaps you know of an ideal participant, and can encourage them to take part…

Here’s my ‘press release’ which I hope explains it clearly.

Futurescope is a video project in which people who are involved in the early stages of a venture aimed at making a positive difference are invited to use their imaginations to ‘travel’ forward in time to 2022. By this time it is taken for granted that the venture has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and has probably developed in all kinds of unexpected directions.

After whatever preparation is felt to be needed (from a guided visualization to technical research) the participant is interviewed for 5-10 minutes in the 2022 Futurescope ‘studio’ (any reasonably quiet space) about their highly successful project. They are encouraged to be bold and adventurous in what they say, as any mistakes can be edited.

In the first stage of the project Marion McCartney (Futurescope project founder) intends to interview members of local Transition groups where she lives in Derbyshire, and people she meets at a variety of small summer festivals (Sunrise Celebration, Larmer Tree, Secret Garden Party, Resurgence Summer Camp, the Green Gathering, and Sunrise Off Grid). She plans to take a rough edit of the footage and a small display to the Emergence conference at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, mid-Wales, in September 2012, one of its themes being imagining positive futures.

Marion says: “It’s a delight to observe people becoming more and more animated and enthusiastic as they describe the development of their project. They’re able to experience a sense of fulfillment and pleasure in advance, which is likely to motivate them in the present. People are often surprised by what they find themselves saying, and imaginative, innovative ideas frequently emerge. And as a bonus we have a record of people talking with passion about a wide variety of inspirational projects, which can be shared with others..

A question I often ask at the end of the interview is: ‘If you, with the benefit of what you’ve learnt in the intervening years, could offer one piece of advice to the younger you in 2012, what would you say?’ The answers are usually remarkably similar; can you guess what they are?”

The Futurescope Project was inspired by the visioning and ‘backcasting’ activities used in the Transition movement ( ) and the Deep Time work pioneered by Joanna Macy ( ). It is an off-shoot of the Dream The Future website ( )

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20th June 2012: 24 Hours of Possibility

Posted on June 16th, 2012 by Marion

20th June 2012: 24 Hours of Possibility: take part via this website

On the first day of the UN Earth Summit in Rio, people all over the world will be conducting experiments in living differently, in showing what’s possible.

Reading about this inspired me not only to make June 20th the launch date for this website, but also to invite everyone to send in diary entries (or extracts from them) dated June 20 from any year in the future when we have at least started to live more sustainably. You could describe a walk through where you live, a meal, a community celebration – whatever seizes your imagination. It can be fairly soon or many years into the future. It can be anything from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. It could even turn into a regular futureblog. But for now, just write something!

Send entries to this site, or if you’d like a challenge to be very brief, tweet to @dreamfuturenow

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