Links / The Deep Time section is particularly relevant, but there’s so much more, especially about The Work That Reconnects, which I strongly recommend. / A rich resource on the Transition movement. I particularly enjoy the Social Reporting section. / A brilliant website about the proposed film of The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk. / A tour of San Francisco in 2047. Don’t miss it! / Experience the future now. Practical news and articles on permaculture and sustainable living. / Inspiration for a change. Positive News is a solution-focused newspaper, reporting on people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, equitable, healthy and fulfilling world. Get one for yourself and one to give away. / Powerful ideas, practical actions. Concerned with building a more just, sustainable and compassionate future with articles about economic alternatives and peace initiatives. Their weekly newsletter is well worth signing up for. / As well as a website, The Great Turning Times is a free email newsletter offering insights, news and resources to support the shift towards a life sustaining society. It brings together ecology, psychology, spirituality and world issues; it explores how we can participate in a deep-level collective transition (or Great Turning) towards a sustainable future for our world. If you’d like to receive it regularly, please subscribe at

Personal Recommendations / Writer, artist, forager, workshop leader, speaker, wise woman and the best of friends! / Here’s one I prepared earlier! Sharing ideas for street theatre and creative campaigning.