the dream

i dream of a society where people can seriously stand up and relentlessly chase or struggle to become whatever they want to be regardless of such factors as “high rate of competition” do what u wanna do and be proud of urself (3ple – K)

I have a dream

of living in a biological community, respecting, giving to and receiving from many other species in a spirit of mutual aid and living interconnectedness. We have woken up as a species, knowing that we are part of a larger living web, that we can contribute added richness and celebrate our gratitude for all that supports our flourishing. Like breathing in and breathing out, we recognise and are fluent in the balance of giving and receiving, leaning towards a net gain for the world, which we know enriches us too.

“I have a dream 2” — 2013 dreams of a better world

As we approach the 50th anniversary (on 28th August) of Martin Luther King’s powerful and moving speech, what better way to celebrate it than to add our voices and our dreams of a better world, one that we would be proud and happy for our descendants to live in.

We don’t, any more than Martin Luther King did, have to provide a detailed analysis. We just have to find one aspect of it, one picture, and describe it simply and from the heart.

Together our dreams of a better world will make a beautiful and inspiring mosaic, a worthy tribute to a great speech. The idea might even spread all over the world. That’s one of my dreams. Another is of collecting 2013 people’s dreams….

However this is only going to happen if we ‘dare to dream’ and to put our dreams into words. Don’t worry about whether what you write is original or ‘good’ enough; just writing and sharing it is what counts. You can sign it with your full name, initials, or a ‘pen name’. So far some people have written a single sentence, others a few lines or a paragraph. However if you feel inspired to write a whole speech then go for it.

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Marion McCartney

A Selection of the Dreams collected so far, from people at festivals this summer, or posted on the Facebook page ‘I have a dream 2’

I have a dream of a future where we can cast aside the fictitious values of profits and commerce and use our accrued knowledge and intelligence not only to create anew, but also to develop existing techniques to supply our fuel and energy needs, whilst nurturing and protecting the environment necessary to our personal, spiritual and evolutionary development.

Alex O’Dowd (O*D)

I have a dream that the world opens its eyes, we learn from our mistakes and realise that we are one.

We’ve killed each other, enslaved each other and stolen each other’s land. I hold my breath and wait for the day that we love each other. We are different but in essence we are the same. Let’s celebrate our differences, celebrate each other, celebrate life. Live as one.

Ezekiel ‘Zico’ Ojo

I have a dream that love and happiness can prevail, that all can be equal despite all of our glorious differences, that we embrace and love these differences, and embody spirituality, love and joy.

I have a dream that the people of the world stand together side by side with all our variations, strengths and weaknesses, to create a better place to live, without fear, poverty and famine, collectively living the dream, my dream, our dream, our world .


I have a dream that in the future every child has at least one person in their life who can help them realise their potential and empower them to succeed and follow their dreams.

Stella Vincent

I have a dream of a future in which automation allows society to breathe, grow, and develop comfortably, without stifling individual creativity, expression and freedom of thought.

Galen Reich

I have a dream that one day people might stop being what they think they should be and find joy love and freedom in being who they really are.

Charlie Partridge

I have a dream for all children to live out of poverty, have access to free education and be loved and nurtured and cared for to enable them to become the people of tomorrow.

Mark Lloyd

I have a dream of a world when no girl feels ugly or less than or insecure, a world where religion would liberate women and celebrate their freedom and sexuality rather than shame them and hide them. I dream of a world that celebrates and liberates the wild woman in each girl.

Louise Lisse

I have a dream that fair and equal distribution of the earth’s resources will enable us all to have the generosity and wisdom to live sustainably.


I have a dream of the collapse of global capitalism leaving a space that is filled by collectively organising life according to our needs and desires. We banish racism and inequality and feel alive as people, not as consumers.

I have a dream that people will choose to live a slower and more engaged life, both as individuals and as communities

I have a dream… of world peace and everyone lives in happiness with lots of unicorns and rainbows! And glitter.

I have a dream of a world where all human beings respect one another and the natural environment, and seek happiness in experiences, relationships and sharing.

I have a dream that armies will rescue and relieve, will build and protect with tools, not ever with weapons.

Mavis Foster

We have a dream that one day all the world will listen to each other’s stories.

John and Jenny

I have a dream that we learn to laugh at ourselves and stop taking life so seriously; that we say hi to both neighbours and strangers.


I have a dream that in both easy times and hard times humans turn to each other and not against each other.


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Releasing fear

I recently went travelling abroad alone, for the first time, and realised that there was only one way to cope with all the possibilities, the risks, the things that might go wrong. I had to let go of fear. We all know this, we know that coming from a space of love, not fear, creates a more harmonious world. But how to do it?

I’ve studied NVC (nonviolent communication). I’ve overcome difficulties and realised that the struggle has made me stronger and richer. I told myself that fear was not an option. That if something bad happened, I would deal with it. That if I approached others with an open, loving heart, I was less likely to to be cheated attacked or whatever.

Living for a while in that state of acceptance, amazing things happened. I found myself meeting interesting people and accessing places most tourists don’t go near. Perhaps the high spot was when a very poor Moroccan woman, living on a quiet back street, invited me into her home.

How would the world be if none of us was afraid of being ignored, slighted, used, hurt, cheated, misunderstood and all the other things we fear daily in our interactions with others? If we could accept ourselves, and others, just as they are and let go of needing things to be a certain way? Having had a glimpse of it, I think it would be a very beautiful world.:)

GIVE & TAKE centres Skills & resource share centre) alternative currency credit systems for community support

Your driving to the dump and a notice you see,
A give & Take Centre, Is that the place you should be?
Apparently my scrap can be put to good use?
to send it to landfill is environmental abuse?

Now ive broken wardrobes, but still good for shelves,
more things that are broken, but they could mend it themselves?
These items are old but could still have a life,
facilitating mobility, or reducing some strife?

So I took all my scrap, they said what they could use,
They offered a percentage of value, I had nothing to lose?
I could spend these tokens, on variety of things,
a collection of service, to community this brings.

I went inside and there were smiling faces,
there were mixtures of people of colour and races,
of partial impairment, and single parents too,
a drop in centre of difference, I asked what they do?

We take all these bits and we therapeutically restore,
but its not just as simple as fixing a door!
There are those of us here who cannot get employment,
or gainful occupation, for enterprising enjoyment.

We lacked the facility, cant commit to set times,
some lacked the mobility, and I thought of mine?
Would this be the place I might find something to replace,
the things in my life I could call a disgrace.

The drawers that wont open, the shelves hurt my back,
im falling over the floors for the storage I lack!
I asked they said yes, there’s help in this place,
We’ve a recyling team, that can help you with space!

If you’ll offer your service we’ll train you to fix,
scrap, health and function, in classes quite mixed!
“But its holistic vision, is a therapy centre,
on alternative, skills share, would you like to enter?”

He took me around, there was fixing and mending,
turning scrap into functional items, for auction sending,
Here I could spend the rewards that Id earnt,
value the skills that otherwise wouldnt be learnt!?

There was a social environment, lots of thought going on,
We have storage solutions, and teams going strong,
intersupportive, creative, lets now go make a change,
in the lives of some people, who lives are disarranged?

The centre developed, it did training courses for strength,
ascociation of empathy, to supportivly help you ‘go the length’
because those that teach, and those that would learn,
could self tailor themselves and help each other in turn!.

Legislation and health laws are zealously unproductive,
if they prevent such a centre for being productive.
If welfare is crumbling, and the funds are not there,
alternative community economy will give dividends to share!!?

life is…

We are all on this trip together
the winding roads, hills and valleys
we all have days and nights
everyday the same, whilst different
every night the same whilst different
we build our lives round people and stuff
we choose how to fill it
we all make mistakes
we all suffer
we all find joy
we are all the same, whilst different
life is hard, but its also beautiful
very, very beautiful

Restorative Art

From Orion Magazine
March/April 2013

Basia Irland has sculpted and launched ice books in rivers and streams across the United States and abroad. to create these watershed restoration sculptures, Irland works with ecologists, botanists, and river restoration biologists to ascertain the best native seeds for the specific riparian zone in which the books will be released. The books are hand-carved out of frozen river water, and the seeds are embedded within them, as text. Finally, members of the local community gather to launch the books into the river or stream. Along the Nisqually River in Washington State, for example, Nisqually tribal members, salmon restoration specialists, musicians, fifth graders attending Wa He Lut Indian School, students and professors from Evergreen State College, and Mount Rainier forest rangers all took part. Participants in New Mexico on the Rio Grande have included artists, farmers, hydrologists, Pueblo members, and hundreds of interested watershed citizens.
As the ice melts in the current, the seeds are released to eventually plant themselves along the riverbanks. As they grow, they will mitigate floods and droughts, slow erosion, regenerate the soil, filter pollutants and debris, supply food and habitat, and provide shelter and shade for riverside organisms, including humans.

Who we are is a story we tell ourselves

“Who we are is a story we tell ourselves, so let’s make sure it’s a good one.”

Not long from now Earth is helped to regenerate and rebalance itself. Nature is given our full focus and food literally grows everywhere. Cities still exist, but villages dominate our social systems. Community always takes precedence over profit motives. Life feels more like a festival of astonishing creativity. We become as one and smiles are everywhere.

Unity Is …

Unity is a bird soaring over an unreachable mountain peak.
Unity feels like the stillness in a dense woodland clearing.
It’s walking into a room of strangers and seeing only friends.
It’s every country of the world in tune, humming to the same melody; the song of tranquility.
Unity is closing your eyes and falling, knowing that you’ll be caught.
Unity is many hearts beating as one.
One love, one heart, one mind, one spirit, one world, one whole united.
Unity is yoU aNd I working Together universallY.